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Enjoy Spanish On Skype online Spanish classes

Enjoy Spanish On Skype is a Spanish academy specialized in teaching Skype classes. We are three professors with a degree in Hispanic Philology (studies of Spanish and Latin American Language and Literature) from the University of Valencia (Spain). We have more than nine years of experience in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, and a multitude of jobs for different international Spanish academies. We have a great knowledge of methodologies, manuals and forms of work that we make available to any of our students.


We value your level and adapt to the real origin of your learning

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How long is each session?

In adult classes, we recommend that the duration be one hour, since the student usually needs about 15 minutes to “warm up”. Normally we start with a small conversation between 10-15 minutes and then we get into matter.

However, the student can choose the duration he prefers: 30, 45 or 90 minutes.

As for classes for children or teenagers, ideally between 30 and 45 minutes.

Can I cancel a class without losing it?

Yes, you can cancel a class without losing it as long as you notify at least 8 hours before the session. Otherwise, the class will be charged and you will lose it.

Can I change the time of the class?

Yes, you can change the class time as long as your teacher is available. If it is not possible to reorganize the class, you can cancel it (see question 2).

How can I know if I like Skype classes?

Para saber si te sientes cómodo por Skype, te ofrecemos 20 minutos de prueba gratis. En esta prueba podrás conocernos, preguntar todas tus dudas y hablar de tus necesidades y preferencias sin ningún compromiso.

How can I pay?

After the test class, and if you decide to study Spanish with us, your teacher will send you a link to pay through PayPal.
But if you prefer, you can pay us through a bank transfer

What happens if one day I have problems with my connection?

In case of connection problems, we suspend the session and the minutes that you have not enjoyed will be recovered at another time that you have decided together with the teacher.

Do I have to buy a book to follow the classes?

You do not have to buy any books. Since the classes are adapted to the needs of each student, we do not work with a specific book. We have our own material, which we will send you before each class.

Anyway, if you prefer to use a book because you feel more secure and consider that it is more organized for you, we can propose an appropriate manual for your level and work with it.