conversaciónOur ‘conversation course’ is particularly aimed at students who are at Spanish level A2 or above. This course is especially focused on improving speaking and interaction skills. However, in these classes, you will not only improve your speaking, but also develop listening and comprehension skills. Classes are adapted to the level, needs and interests of the student. Our objective is to teach how to communicate in different life situations. We are interested in giving the students the necessary skills to interact confidently in any circumstance, rather than only focussing on a series of specific phrases for certain situations.

We use a variety of materials: images (photographs, computer graphics, illustrations); videos (short films, ads, programs and TV series, clips from documentaries); radio programs; songs; and written texts (from books and articles, blogs, etc.). Such audiovisual material serves mainly as a starting point to help the student and teacher interact, and we then guide the conversation to wherever it is the most useful (for example to focus on language we would like you to practice). We can also provide transcripts for the listening exercises.

In conversation classes, the teacher will correct your mistakes and of course answer any grammar questions you may have.

If you don’t have much time or can’t find a Spanish teacher in your city, get in touch with us! Remember we offer a free 20 minute class. Come and sign up!