niños y adolescentesThis course is intended for children or teenagers who are learning Spanish in school, but need help developing skills in listening comprehension and oral interaction.

Classes are adapted to the level, needs and interests of each student. However, in the case of children under 12 years of age, classes focussing on practicing vocabulary and grammar are the most useful. Our goal is for students to practice listening to and interacting with a native Spanish speaker and to develop a good level of comprehension.

The materials we use are very varied, and specific to children and teenagers: we use images (photographs, computer graphics, illustrations); videos (short films, ads, programs and TV series, clips from documentaries); songs; and games (Bingo, Hangman, crosswords, word scrambles, etc.).

We recommend that the maximum duration of these classes is 30 minutes. If you want your child to improve their Spanish, contact us. You can be sure that they will have fun, and learn a lot!