gramática más conversaciónThe grammar and conversation course is aimed at anyone interested in learning Spanish, either from scratch or to reach the next level.

At Enjoy Spanish On Skype, we believe there is no sense studying grammar without speaking practice. If you don’t know how to use the grammar in a social or cultural context, then there is little point in learning it! Our aim is that the student, while learning grammar, also knows how to use and understand these forms in any situation.

In this course, we offer the student the tools to guide their own learning. We have extensive materials designed to teach grammar, and these consist of a grammatical explanation and a series of traditional activities to help understand and practice the topic.

We follow-up these controlled activities with freer speaking practice. We have many resources to practice, using all types of grammar: images (photographs, computer graphics, illustrations); videos (short films, ads, programs and TV series, clips from documentaries); radio programs; songs; and written texts (from books and articles, blog entries, etc.).

Remember – you can get in touch with your teacher at any time if you have any questions or problems.

If you like a new experience, please contact us! We offer you a free 20-minute trial lesson.