deleThe DELE preparation course is aimed at those students interested in receiving a Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

In this course, we study all parts of the exam (written and spoken expression and interaction, as well as reading and listening comprehension) and tailor the course to the test level you wish to take. With this type of test, it is very important to know how the test is structured, what you should do in each task, and what the examiners expect you to know.

If you only need to practice one specific part of the test, we will adapt the course to your needs, focussing on the skills you most need to develop.

The materials that we use in DELE classes are tailored specifically for exam preparation, and in this way we ensure that the student understands the exam format and how the test is run. We use model exams offered by the Instituto Cervantes, as well as audiovisual materials for speaking. For this course, we recommend a specific textbook, as textbooks aimed at DELE preparation tend to be thorough and filled with activities similar to the test, making them invaluable.

If you need a Spanish degree to get a job, to study, to work in Spain or simply out of personal interest – contact us! We will give you a free 20-minute class to ease any concerns you may have. Be brave and sign up for our DELE course today!